I am currently a Master of Science in Computational Media Design student at the University of Calgary, with a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Bioinformatics. I have always been a huge supporter of multi-disciplinary work, and found a passion for combining medicine, art and computer science in my research and work.

In the last couple of years, I have tried to harness a variety of diverse skills such as interactive information visualization and 3D printing to create unique methods of teaching anatomical and physiological concepts to the general audience. I have high hopes that part of my current work on the “Giant Walkthrough Brain” (GWB) Project alongside Jay Ingram, Christian Jacob and the LINDSAY Virtual Human Team could eventually be used in classrooms or science centers to spark interest in people of all ages and backgrounds.

Although this combination of disciplines is my main interest, I can never get enough of trying new things and working on new projects, like my new food and recipe blog. I have taken on freelancing jobs that have included designing card decks, creating advertisements, and visualizing pathways of possible cancer treatments. Every task I take on is challenging and exciting in its own way, which I embrace wholeheartedly.

My work in the news:

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